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ProNvest rebrands as Future Capital

ProNvest, a leading WealthTech solution specializing in personalized services for workplace retirement plan participants, has rebranded as Future Capital. This name change reflects the firm’s focus on empowering advisors and investors with advanced digital tools, customized 401(k) managed account solutions, and essential personalized guidance to make well-informed decisions regarding their retirement assets.

Financial advisors recognize that the convergence of wealth and retirement underscores the importance of delivering holistic solutions that serve clients’ best interests while staying ahead of an increasingly complex regulatory landscape. As a recognized leader in the industry, Future Capital helps advisors meet these evolving needs by providing exceptional solutions across the entire retirement value chain, from broker-dealers, advisors, and recordkeepers, to plan sponsors and plan participants.  

With an outstanding 20-year history as a leading managed account provider, Future Capital equips financial advisors with the tools to effectively engage participants on a large scale through personalized coaching and education services within a goals-based framework. Recognizing the industry's growing demand and the importance of assisting advisors in managing held-away 401(k) assets, Future Capital has forged strong partnerships with major broker-dealers. By acting as a referral partner, Future Capital facilitates access to participant’s external assets, creating new revenue opportunities for advisors to organically expand their wealth management businesses. These strategic collaborations enable advisors to effectively handle held-away 401(k) assets and provide comprehensive financial solutions to a broader range of clients.

“At Future Capital, we understand the importance of financial advisors in empowering individuals to achieve their retirement goals,” said Future Capital founder and CEO Jay Jumper. "While 72% of Americans have retirement accounts, because of regulatory and technical obstacles, the vast majority of advisors can’t help their customers manage their 401(k) accounts. We bridge these gaps by connecting advisors, employers, and participants to the tools, services, and professional guidance they need to help participants achieve their long-term financial goals.” 

“Everyone who’s willing to work and save deserves to retire with confidence,” continued Jumper. “Alongside our advisor partners, we help every workplace plan participant—regardless of job title or account balance—to become a true investor able to make informed decisions as they navigate the complexities of long-term financial planning. Importantly, we’re able to do so without burdening advisory firms with heavy technology lifts, fiduciary and compliance obligations, or the need to add staff and fixed costs.”

Marc Butler, a respected industry expert and board member, recognizes the convergence of wealth and retirement as a pivotal focus for Future Capital. "Future Capital is leading the way in meeting an unmet need in the convergence of wealth and retirement," says Butler. "Through innovative technology and personalized solutions, they enable advisors to holistically help their clients align their goals and navigate the complexities of wealth accumulation and retirement planning. Future Capital's comprehensive offerings position them as a trusted partner in shaping a brighter financial future for all."  


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